HCH Winter 2019

— Party is over! —

Thanks to all the participants and hope to see you again in the summer!

Demo released:

Mamma Mia by Menthos^NLS (Amiga OCS)



  1. hch2019_winter by swee^z13
  2. mentoring elf by The Diad^Hokuto Force
  3. spaceman by LukkePuck
  4. Shared by LUDDE5 by Luz^z13 , and surgubbe by Menthos^NLS
  5.  ketchup by FelleKetchup
  6. tomtenisse by EmpanEmson



FCWATH, Grovdata, and Nukleus are proud to present the winter edition of HCH 2019! It will be held in Härnösand as usual:

The date is set for January 03 – 06th. Hack, play games, chill, and have fun!

This year we are back ComUn’s partyplace!

There will be NO barbecuing!

Participants and signup



Will you attend?

Preliminary visit list (11/20):

  1. zChris^FCWATH
  2. Menthos^Nukleus
  3. attle^grovdata
  4. Albin^Younglings
  5. Leo^Younglings
  6. Lukke (Spawn of Menthos)
  7. Felle (Spawn of Menthos)
  8. Emme (Spawn of Menthos)
  9. blind_io^Vulkteamet
  10. tjoppen


New for this year: ASCII compo!

Note: Remote entries are most welcome!

Deadline for all compos entries on 2018-01-05,  23:00 CET!

Only participants at the party gets a vote. We don’t have the resources this time to organize remote votes, sorry.



– Amiga charset, CED style
– 80 columns
– No stages needed


Amiga, Atari, C64, C128

Oldschool gfx

Amiga: OCS (max 32 colors, 320×256)

Atari: All modes allowed

C64: All modes allowed

Oldschool music

Standard formats for Amiga, Atari, C64, etc.

Oldschool games

To be chosen on the party

Machines available on the party are:

Amiga (A1200 Blizzard 060@50 Mhz, 128Mb ram)

Atari (Atari 1040 STe with Ultrasatan)

If you are participating with a release that are not for these machines, an emulator will be used.

Party Information

The party will be held at  Fiskaregatan 11, Härnösand.

  • There is space for sleeping bags, first come first served.
  • There’s a small fridge for beverage & food.
  • Remember to bring your own power strip, ethernet cable and other necessary gadgets.

Entrance fee is 150:- SEK.

Code of conduct

▪ Be nice to your fellow sceners!
▪ Pay the entry fee
▪ No drugs
▪ No smoking inside
▪ Don’t get wasted, but moderate alcohol consumption is fine.
▪ Throw your waste in the waste in the garbage bin(s)
▪ Take care of the venue, furniture, kitchen and toilet