HCH Summer 2017

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Results for High Coast Hack Summer 2017


1. HCH17
   Group: grovdata (attle)
   Platform: pico-8
2. Cubeleus
   Group: Nukleus (Menthos, Browallia)
   Platform: Amiga OCS

3. Norrländskt Vansinne
   Group: Hardkore Lamerz (Vargtask, Barbie)
   Platform: PC (cross-platform)

4. FFS
   Group: Vulkteamet (blind_io)
   Platform: Atari ST


1. Drake  / Menthos
2. Genji  / Lukke
3. Clown  / swee
4. Rex    / Emme
5. My man / Felle
6. Huset  / Albin

1. phoenix / Menthos
2. snow    / Menos


Fr0s7     91,955,000
Albin     44,485,000
zChris    51,055,000
Ludde     30,280,000
Menthos   29,385,000
swee      10,000,000
attle      5,600,000
blind_io   5,212,000
Menos      4,505,000


zChris        57150
Menos         54050
swee          44300
Felix         42800
attle         41900
Emme          37700
Menthos       37500
Ludde         19000

Put another shrimp on the barbie!

Welcome to HCH Summer 2017! It will be held in Härnösand as usual. The date is set for 20 – 23rd July. Hack, play games, chill, and have fun!

This year we are back at the motorcycle club in Vangsta!

There will be barbecuing!

Participants and signup

(We currently have some issues with the signup form, sorry about that. Ping us in #hch on IRCNet and we’ll add you manually)



    Will you attend?

    Preliminary visit list:

    1. zChris^FCWATH
    2. Menthos^Nukleus
    3. attle^grovdata
    4. Albin (Spawn of Satan)
    5. Lukke (Spawn of Menthos)
    6. Felle (Spawn of Menthos)
    7. Emme (Spawn of Menthos)
    8. blind_io^Vulkteamet
    9. Swee^z13
    10. Thor + 2 Friends


    Note: Remote entries are most welcome!


    Amiga, Atari, C64, C128

    Oldschool gfx

    Amiga: OCS (max 32 colors, 320×256)

    Atari: All modes allowed

    C64: All modes allowed

    Oldschool music

    Standard formats for Amiga, Atari, C64, etc.

    Oldschool games

    To be chosen on the party

    Machines available on the party are:

    Amiga (A1200 Blizzard 060@50 Mhz, 128Mb ram)

    Atari (Atari 1040 STe with Ultrasatan)

    If you are participating with a release that are not for these machines, an emulator will be used.

    Party Information

    The party will be held at  Vangsta  151, Härnösand .

    • There is space for sleeping bags, first come first served.
    • There’s a small fridge for beverage & food.
    • Remember to bring your own power strip, ethernet cable and other necessary gadgets.

    Entrance fee is 150:- SEK.

    Code of conduct

    ▪ Show respect for people, no fighting or generally being a jerk
    ▪ No smoking inside
    ▪ No drugs
    ▪ Don’t get wasted, but moderate alcohol consumption is fine.
    ▪ Throw your waste in the waste in the garbage bin(s)
    ▪ Take care of the venue, furniture, kitchen and toilet