HCH Summer 2016

The end has come.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the party! See you all next HCH which will sometime in the winter!



  1. zombie pacman – Scoopex & Tulou (Amiga AGA / OCS) (img) (pouet)
  2. You Must Obey – Nukleus (Amiga OCS) (img) (pouet)
  3. Decree – Vulkteamet (Atari 8bit) (img)
  4. org-asm – FCWATH (Amiga AGA) (img)


  1. Necropolis – Razorback (img)
  2. Datapandan trippar – Frost (img)
  3. Nukleus at HCH – Menthos (img)
  4. FelleHCHSummer2016 – Felle (img)

Put another shrimp on the barbie!

Its time yet again for HCH Summer 2016. It will be held in Härnösand as usual. The date is set for 14 – 17 July. Come, chill, and have fun !

Participants and signup



    Will you attend?

    Preliminary visit list:

    1. zChris^FCWATH
    2. Menthos^Nukleus
    3. attle^grovdata
    4. Swee^z13
    5. Vacum
    6. Anrax
    7. Albin (Spawn of Satan)
    8. Lukke (Spawn of Menthos)
    9. Felle (Spawn of Menthos)
    10. Emme (Spawn of Menthos)
    11. rAZORBACK^gp


    Note: Remote entries are very much welcome.


    Amiga, Atari, C64, C128

    Oldschool gfx

    Max 32 colors 320 pixels wide and 256 pixels high.

    Oldschool msx (music)

    Standardformat for Amiga, Atari, C64, etc.

    Oldschool games

    To be chosen on the party

    Machines available on the party are:

    Amiga (A1200 Blizzard 060@50 Mhz, 128Mb ram)

    Atari (Atari 1040 STe with Ultrasatan)

    If you are participating with a release that are not for these machines an emulator will be used if there are any for that platform otherwise you have to bring own equipment.


    The party will be held at Härnösand, Fiskaregatan 11 . There is space for sleepingbags 😛 Entrance fee is 100:- SEK.