HCH Summer 2015

The party has ended! Thank you everyone that showed up and provided a fun and enjoyable weekend with lots of old school data. Hope to see you next time! Pictures from the party can be seen here



1. amiga 30 years (Amiga OCS)by nukleus

2. c-c-compo filler (Atari STe) by vulkteamet


1. hch2015 (Amiga) – felix


1. phoenix v (Amiga)(mod) – Menthos

2. starcraft (Amiga)(mod)- Felix, motgiften (C64)(sid) – Garvalf

3. trummor (Amiga)(mod)- Emil


Sensible Soccer:

1. Czech Republic – attle

2. Germany – zChris

3. Greece – Swee

4. Iceland – Felix

5. Spain – Emil

6. Hungary – Martin

7. Malta – Menthos


1. 044400 – zChris

2. 041900 – Swee

3. 035650 – Emil

4. 034400 – Menthos

5. 029600 – Albin

6. 023750 – attle



Hello! and welcome to the site for High Coast Hack 2015 which is an annual (starting from this year) gathering for people that are interested in old computers and the scene. The party is located in Härnösand, Sweden.

The party will be in Härnösand, Sweden ( map ) at 24 – 26 July. Because the space (20 spots) is limited you have to sign up for a guaranteed spot. Shower and beds are available but not for all 20 though so bring sleeping bags! Remember that remote entries are welcome! Just send it in before 15:00 at 25 July



Preliminary visit list (16/20) :

  1. zChris^Fcwath
  2. Swee
  3. Menthos^Nukleus
  4. Lukky (Next Generation) Spawn of Menthos
  5. Emme (Next Generation) Spawn of Menthos
  6. Felle (Next Generation) Spawn of Menthos
  7. r4Z0RB4Ck^Genesis Project
  8. attle
  9. Ludde^zone13
  10. Albin (Next Generation)  Nephew of  zChris
  11. Niolator (maybe)
  12. Browallia^Nukleus (maybe)
  13. blind_io^vlk (maybe)
  14. puttmannen (maybe)
  15. bl00dberet (maybe)
  16. Johey^Sys5



Will you attend?


Note: Remote entries are very much welcome.


Amiga, Atari, C64, C128

Oldschool gfx

Max 32 colors 320 pixels wide och 256 pixels high.

Oldschool msx (music)

Standardformat for Amiga, Atari, C64, etc.

Oldschool games

Metro Cross Atari,  Sensible Soccer Amiga, Kickstart.

Machines available on the party are:

Amiga (A1200 Blizzard 060@50 Mhz, 128Mb ram, now also with PPC!)

Atari (Atari 1040 STe with Ultrasatan)

C64 (Not yet decided but it will have SD2Iec)

C128 (C128DCR with SD2IEC)

If you are participating with a release that are not for these machines an emulator will be used if there are any for that platform otherwise you have to bring own equipment.


Vagnsta 151 Härnösand Entry: 100:- sek Start: 18:00 End: Sunday 16:00 Contact: Christoffer Ekman +4670 457 26 37, demo ( _at_ ) hch.se
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