HCH Summer 2019

FCWATH, Grovdata, and Nukleus are proud to present the summer edition of HCH 2019! It will be held in Härnösand:

The date is set for Juli 11 – 14th. Hack, play games, chill, and have fun!

This year we are back MC Club Albatross and there will be BARBECUING!

This is a kid friendly demo party. There will be a LAN section for kids.

Participants and signup



Will you attend?

Preliminary visit list (11/20):

  1. zChris^FCWATH
  2. Menthos^Nukleus
  3. attle^grovdata
  4. Albin^Younglings
  5. Leo^Younglings
  6. Lukke (Spawn of Menthos)
  7. Felle (Spawn of Menthos)
  8. Emme (Spawn of Menthos)
  9. Swee^z13
  10. Ludde^z13
  11. tjoppen^DSS


Note: Remote entries are most welcome!

Deadline for all compos entries on 2019-07-13,  21:00 CET!

Only participants at the party gets a vote (another reason to come!).


Demo/Intro compo

Amiga, Atari, C64, C128

Oldschool gfx compo

Amiga: OCS (max 32 colors, 320×256)

Atari: All modes allowed

C64: All modes allowed

Oldschool music compo

Standard formats for Amiga, Atari, C64, etc.

Oldschool games compo

To be chosen on the party

Machines available on the party are:

  • Amiga (A1200 Blizzard 060@50 Mhz, 128Mb ram)
  • Atari (Atari 1040 STe with Ultrasatan)
  • MiSTer FPGA with most available cores

If you are participating with a release that are not for these machines, an emulator will be used.

Party Information

The party will be held at  Vagnsta 151, Härnösand.

  • There is space for sleeping bags, first come first served.
  • There’s a small fridge for beverage & food.
  • Remember to bring your own power strip, ethernet cable and other necessary gadgets.

Entrance fee is 150:- SEK.

Code of conduct

▪ Be nice to your fellow sceners!
▪ Pay the entry fee
▪ No drugs
▪ No smoking inside
▪ Don’t get wasted, but moderate alcohol consumption is fine.
▪ Throw your waste in the garbage bin(s)
▪ Take care of the venue, furniture, kitchen and toilet